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About Us

The Board of Governors is the supreme authority of the University and, within the framework of its authority as circumscribed in this Constitution and in the General Regulations, will tend to its management, affairs and assets according to this Constitution and the General Regulations. The Board of Governors will consider the basic policy for the financial activity of the University, its annual budget, balance sheets and financial reports.

The Board of Governors shall be involved in the financing of the budgets of the University, to which end it will do all in its power to solicit budget funding, contributions, financial support, funds, assets and other financial resources, in Israel and overseas, in order to cover the budget, in whole or in part, to further the aims of the University.

The Board of Governors shall be entitled to delegate from time to time part of its authority to the Executive Committee or any other authority of the University that the Board will determine.

Powers of the Board of Governors

The powers of the Board of Governors shall include:

To appoint members to the Board of Governors.

To ratify the appointment of the President and Vice-Presidents.

To ratify the appointment of the Chairman of the Executive Committee, and to elect the Chairman and members of the Control Committee.

To ratify the multi-year plan.

To ratify annual reports, financial reports, and balance sheets and budgets.

To review the University's activities, recommend to the University's institutions, discuss reports submitted to it by them, cultivate the University's foreign contacts, and raise funds

To appoint an Auditor and set his salary, appoint a Control Committee, ratify amendments to the University's Academic Regulations and Constitution.

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