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Lorry I. Lokey

lorry lokey Lorry I. Lokey is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is dedicated to higher education and to the future of Israel. He strategically invests in universities to grow and preserve them for the future, understanding how capital, when  deployed correctlycan spur growth and success.  Mr. Lokeyhas holda staunch friendship with theUniversity of Haifa, his commitment totheacademic and physical expansion is of critical importance to the University, the city of Haifa and to the north of Israel.

Prof. Refael Beyar

refael beyarProf. Beyar is at the front of medical research in Israel and abroad.  His research, published in the leading scientific journals in the world, paves the way for meaningful and impactful new technologies in the area of cardiovascular system imaging and analysis, as well as invasive and interventional cardiology. Prof. Beyar is a gifted administrator who has served in many public roles in parallel to his fruitful clinical and research activities.  Amongst his many roles, he is the director at BioRap Technologies and the Chairman of the Rambam Health Corporation. Prof. Beyar's extraordinary vision has brought forth an exceptional collaboration between The Rambam Healthcare Campus, the Technion and the University of Haifa manifested in the Helmsley Discovery Tower, an endeavor that brings together leading academic and medical centers for the purpose of advancing applied medical research in Israel.

Prof. Oliviero Stock

olliveroProf. Stock is one of the top 5 researchers worldwide in the field of intelligent user interfaces, and is the clear leader for applications in cultural heritage and tourism. Prof. Stock is a world leading researcher in the area of applying novel information and communication technologies (ICT) for enhancing the experience of visitors to cultural heritage sites. Prof. Stock has been a key contributor to the scientific development of the University of Haifa, specifically with respect to applying computational technology for the well-being of mankind.

Dalia Dorner

dalia dornerRetired Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner was one of the judges most influential in defending human rights in Israel. At the center of her vision are principles of a deep commitment to human dignity and the preservation of rights. Justice Dorner manifested the way the court is required to create practical content in the field of human rights, along with the implementation of the content in practice, as its crucial test.

Gila Almagor

gila almagor

With a brilliant career of more than sixty years as an actress, Gila Almagor has exchanged a host of characters on many stages in theater, film and television. Her cultural and artistic stamp earned her the Israel Prize for Cinema and her undisputed status as the first lady of Israeli theater and filmmaking. For decades, she has been awarded many awards and medals, with formal and informal recognition and appreciation, both by the artistic and public communities. Her central contribution to the shaping and enrichment of Israeli culture is undeniable.

Jeremy Isaacs

jeremyJeremy Isaacs is a successful businessman with extensive financial services experience. He is involved in many philanthropic initiatives and in a variety of positions. In Israel, Jeremy Isaacs initiated business and educational investments. He is an avid Zionist and believes in the importance of supporting the northern part of Israel.

Dr. Sylvia Earle

sylvia earleDr. Sylvia Earle is one of the most familiar figures in Marine Sciences today. She is one of the founders of Ocean Engineering Company, which manufactures and operates conventional and robotic subsurface systems and was the first scientific director of the National Association of Oceanography.  Her work has been recognized by high-ranking Journals  and she has been awarded more than 100 international honorary degrees. Dr. Sylvia Earl initiated Google Earth's Ocean app, launched and headed the National Geographic Sustainable Seas expeditions and assisted in the designation and expansion of protected marine areas around the world.

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