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Honorary Doctorate Conferees 2017

Professor Ruth Arnon (Israel)

rut arnonThe honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of her pioneering, ground-breaking and inspiring study of the immune system, work that charted the path to innovative developments benefiting millions of patients around the world; for nurturing young researchers who are today at the forefront of medical research and the biomedical industry in Israel; for her enormous contribution to the State of Israel and for transforming the Israeli pharmaceutical industry into a global power in this important field; for her work as President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, for promoting research in Israel, and for her contribution to the founding of the Mediterranean Sea Research Center of Israel, under the leadership of the University of Haifa.

Mr. Sandor Frankel (USA)

Sandy Frankel 4The honorary degree is being awarded in recognition of his meaningful contributions to Israel through his role as a Trustee of the Helmsley Charitable Trust, including by promoting science and research in Israel; furthering many projects within Israeli universities that have borne significant fruit and truly made an impact on life in our country; supporting the University of Haifa, its faculty and students, and helping the University bring forth a new era in marine research; and for his true friendship with the State of Israel.

Professor Hossam Haick (Israel)

HH Photo1bThe honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of his groundbreaking achievements and significant contribution to the development of cutting-edge approaches to  non-invasive medical diagnosis of early-stage disease; for his extraordinary abilities to apply his research findings into advanced and efficient medical devices; for his continued investment in the education of a future generation of scientists through an understanding that the best investment is in promoting research and knowledge among young people; for his contribution and extensive community activities that support the integration of technology in the educational system, and for his work to advance higher education in Israel. 

Professor Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (USA)

barbaraThe honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of her scholarship, originality and broad vision; for proving  that a breakthrough requires breaching existing barriers and the amalgamation of diverse disciplines – a concept that stands at the heart of the University of Haifa’s own commitment to academic excellence; for her outstanding contribution to the fostering of fruitful dialog between the humanities and social sciences in the field of Jewish studies, and for being one of the pioneers in the field of interdisciplinary research into performance art; and for her leadership and dedication in establishing the permanent exhibit at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw which, thanks to her, preserves the rich history of Polish Jewry. 

Mrs. Sonja Lahnstein-Kandel (Germany)

Sonja Januar 2014 1The honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of her tireless efforts in promoting tolerance and coexistence, especially between Arabs and Jews in Israel and at the University of Haifa; for her dedication to the promotion of minorities wherever they are, especially with respect to education issues and the advancement of women; for her many years of advocacy on behalf of the University of Haifa in Germany, and her leadership role in the governance of the University.

Mrs. Keren Leibovitch (Israel)

IMG 20170510 WA0000The honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of her unique contribution to Paralympic sports and on her being one of the pillars of athletics for the disabled in Israel; on the great honor that she conferred on the State of Israel through her inspirational sporting achievements, as yet unequalled by any other athlete; on her considerable efforts to raise public awareness of disabled sports and on her support of athletes with disabilities; for her astonishing ability to meet the challenges of disability and life-changing situations; for her unique and ground-breaking success in achieving lofty goals; and for her moving life story.

Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt (Israel)

dvoraThe honorary degree is being awarded in In recognition of the fact that she has dedicated her life, through heroic efforts, to the struggle against Holocaust denial , making use of the key tool of academic research – exposure of the truth – to eradicate the phenomenon; for her numerous academic publications and lectures around the world against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial; for her uncompromising devotion and commitment to the study of the Holocaust and the preservation of its memory; for her unequivocal belief in the supreme importance of freedom of expression; and in appreciation of her role as a key figure in the life of American and global Jewry.

Dr. Harvey Scher (Israel)

Harwey sherThe honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of his many research achievements which have had far-reaching significance in solid state physics and geohydrology; for his breakthrough discovery of anomalous transport, which has been fundamental for the understanding of transport and diffusion in a diverse array of disordered media; for his further contributions to diverse areas of investigation that include percolation theory, the mechanical properties of brittle solids, electron interactions in metals, and fractal physics; for his unique contribution to science in Israel as a researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science; and for having been a source of inspiration in research and teaching alike for generations of scientists and engineers. (Credit: Debbi Cooper photographer) 


Professor Klaus M. Schwab (Switzerland)

klaus schwab039The honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of his inspired leadership and enduring contribution to international society; on the establishment of the World Economic Forum, which had the foresight to unify the political, business and public sectors to collaborate jointly for the future of humanity as a whole; on the vision for setting such a lofty goal, and the ability and persistence to achieve it; on the avant-garde synthesis of academic excellence in business, economics and political practice; and for his warm and longstanding friendship with the State of Israel.

Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro (USA)

ShapiroThe honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of his exemplary public service and particularly for his extraordinary dedication to the advancement of the alliance between Israel and the United States – Israel’s greatest and most important ally in the world, and for being a true friend of the State of Israel; for his contribution to advancing the values of pluralism, tolerance and acceptance of the other, values that also guide the actions of the University of Haifa; for his work to deepen the partnership between American Jews and Israelis and, in this context, for his support of the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies at the University of Haifa.

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