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Carmel Award of Merit

The University of Haifa Management, in conjunction with the Rambam Healthcare Campus, will present the Carmel Award of Merit to the Haifa Municipal Theatre.

The Theatre, the University and the Hospital are three prominent institutions in the City of Haifa, all specializing in different fields and all have a common denominator – the love of this city and the shared will to develop it and see it prosper.  

The Carmel Award of Merit will be presented to the Theatre in tribute to its role as the center of Haifa cultural life; for nurturing generations of gifted actors and for being a home and incubator for original theatre and Israeli creation in all its glory.  The Theater speaks to many populations and thus represents the uniqueness of the City of Haifa as a melting pot and a symbol of dialogue and co-existence of a variety of populations. 

The affinity between the University of Haifa and the Haifa Municipal Theatre is evident from the many years of collaboration with the University's School of Arts, a School that nurtures the young generation of Theatre students. The former artistic director of the Theatre, Sini Peter, has served as a lecturer at the Department of Theatre and a few years ago directed a University play; the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library received and absorbed the Theatre Archives for the purpose of the digital preservation of its cultural and artistic heritage.  As one, both institutions aim to promote shared values and a shared mission – developing and nurturing the joy of knowledge, the spirit and culture in Israel in general and the north in particular, all the while maintaining and preserving the variety which exists in Israeli society. 

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